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The Silver Lining in AAU Basketball: 2nd Annual WCE Jr All-American Camp -2015

By LA Circuit, 02/16/15, 11:45PM PST


Cerritos, CA - Over the past year we have continued to read and listen to the negative stigma the AAU culture has created among young athletes and coaches, but not all athletes and coaches fall into this category. After a full year of his last phenomenal and buzz-creating middle school camp, Ryan Silver is back with his 2nd Annual WCE Jr. All-American Camp. This year Silver has brought even more talent together from the depths of Inglewood to the snow-covered mountains of Utah, all under one roof. 
"he has passion and he works his tail off." - Clark Francis,
Silver not only help send players to D-1 and D-2 colleges in 2014, but he was also busy establishing a feeder program for his top-ranked, national, high school teams. Athletes and parents flocked at the movement as his try-outs sold out with players working hard to earn a spot for this opportunity. Silver is overseeing a program that extends from 4th grade to 8th grade. Silver now has three teams, one per age group (6th-8th grade) ranked in the Elite 25 for the west coast region. It's no secret that most of the top players in each class has had a Silver-influence in their journey. And this camp, just so happen to showcase his family-tree in the amateur world of basketball.
Silver invited prestigious names in the realm of amateur basketball: Apples JonesClark FrancisFrank BurlisonSpencer Pulliam, Christian "Pop" Popoola, Julio "WCE25", etc. Silver also provided camp with high-level training staff with returning camp veteran, Johnnie Parker (Lawndale High Coach), DeWayne Richardson (Ex-Overseas Player), Etc. 
Camp Favorite:
Amani Harris (2019) was on everyone's radar during camp: coaches, fans, players, and scouts--all took notes as the 6'2 PG made an exclamation at camp winning Camp co-MVP honors. Younger brother of Texas A&M (08-12) player, Dash Harris, Harris is looking to finish his 8th grade year and make his presence felt on the high school circuit right-away this upcoming school year. Harris' athleticism and strength was unmatched in each of the 2019 camp games. Harris plays a grown-man's game amongst children with his exceptional ability to absorb contact and keep a keen eye at the rim to finish. Harris' strongest attribute that he brings to the game of basketball is his competitive nature: a fire so deep and burning that when he steps on to the court there are no friends, there is no mercy, and he is not taking any prisoners. Harris was also the only pure guard to participate in the dunk contest which spoke volume at camp when advancing into the semi-final round. 
Bright Future:
Isaiah Mobley (2019), you could not walk around camp but help to notice a lengthy and lanky, baby-faced kid who used his fingers to hold his $3 burger in place. Mobley returned to Los Angeles after his stellar performance at Elite 32 Camp last year; as Mobley competed against the best to catch MVP honors. Mobley is a 6'6 F who can do it all. Versatile isn't a strong enough adjective to describe his repertoire. A ball-handling forward that can throw savvy passes in transition, shoot from long range, and attack the rim at will. Division 1 seems inevitable for the young stud, as does growth, physically and skillfully. A possible Pro, doesn't seem too farfetched for this young fella. 
Awoken Talent:
Josh Vazquez (2019) could be the biggest sleeper in the 2019 class. And that's just how he likes it. Vazquez's calm, cool, and collective demeanor has set off plenty of scouts and coaches this past weekend. Vazquez can shoot the long ball with consistency, see the floor with a wide lens, and shift defenses with his deceptive speed; but it's his long wingspan that sets him apart from all the other guards in his class, as he causes havoc on the defensive end pick-pocketing and blocking shots with ease. 
Realizing Amazing Potential:
Christian Moore (2022), it maybe too early to evaluate this 11-year-old, 5'9, 5th grader straight out of Compton. But Moore radiates with potential in a class that has shown dominant future prospects. Moore can run the break with speed and vision, move with swift and smoothness around the post, and shoot an accurate 15 footer on regular basis. Looking at his dad, you can only imagine how tall he can be, standing well over 6'7.  
5th Grade All-American Team- Aidan Mejia, Christian Moore, Gambino Ramirez, Robert Diaz, Jacob Forster, & Jalen Vazquez 
5th Grade MVP- Jacob Forster & Jalen Vazquez
6th Grade All-American Team- Ben Schtolzberg, Brandon Szeto, Bryan Mex, Jack Courneya, Kobe Schreiver, Richard Issacs, Scott D'Amillo,
6th Grade MVP- Scott D'Amillo
Top 60 All-American Team- Beon Riley, Kevin Chandler, Lorenzo Guerro, Noah Veluzat, Sebastian Mendoza, Senan Matsumoto,
Top 60 co-MVP- Beon Riley & Lorenzo Guerro
Top 40 All-American Team- Jeremiah Turley, Justin Kirkpatrick, Legend Stamps, Tej Johnson, & Thomas Natarainni
Top 40 All-American MVP- Jeremiah Turley
Top 20 MVP- Josh Vazquez 
Camp co-MVP- Amani Harris, & Isaiah Mobley
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